Carles Monguilod

Carles Monguilod Agustí

He currently leads and runs the law firm Monguilod Advocats formed by five lawyers with a career full of success.

He has been a coordinator and a professor of the Criminal Law and Oratory area of ​​the School of Legal Practice of the Girona Bar Association. He has also been a professor of Criminal Law at the Police School of Catalonia and has participated as a speaker at severeal conferences about Criminal Law and Jury Court Law held at the University of Girona Law School.

Among the large number of cases in which he has intervened, it is worth mentioning his professional work in the case of the Oca de Banyoles, the defense of Mª Àngels Feliu (kidnapping of Olot), the Vaquilla or Joan Vila (Attendant of Olot) among others. He has a large experience working with penal economical law with known effectivity for private companies and public administrations all around the territory.

He was one of the first lawyers to intervene in Popular Jurors and is a strong defender of these.

On the occasion of his twenty-five years of practicing law in 2009 he wrote "Vint-i cinc anys i un dia. Reflections of a Criminal Lawyer "by Ara Llibres. A compilation of experiences, stories and reflections on his professional work that has marked and enriched his career.